kunst stueck is a home for creative
and in culture engaged people
of the high valley.

kunst stueck is 100% non-profit oriented and run honorary by the founders Roche & Marie-Hélène since 2018. Next to a proper structure and working tools, branding and designs, the founders created, designed and programmed a digital platform that provides room for representation, a kiosk to sell products and tickets for events. Furthermore kunst stueck provides a wide international network of artists and in culture engaged people as well as know how and network in marketing & communication.

kunst stueck holds two own event labels and a cultural magazine that is released twice a year.



President: Marie-Hélène Froidevaux
Vice president: Roche Hufnagl
Board member: Valeria Zweifel
Board member: Gian Paul Schmidt


Vanessa Widmer; Virginia Joyce Fleming; Gabriel Mühlemann; Ivo Florin; Steve Hadorn; Javi Procca; Madlaina Fontana; Hannes Brunner; Andrea Kamm; Flavia Florin; Gabriele Torriani; Men Duri Stecher


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