CHF 2,500.00

4 in 1:



Advertisement in a cultural magazin is a terrible thing to do. Even though creative directors often believe their key visuals are very arty. Mostly they are not, for a simple reason: It’s an ad. And that needs to sell something. Art doesn’t. Art needs to move the viewer somehow. Emotions are priceless. So, no we really don’t want your key visual in the High Valley Low Mag. But, we got something at least as cool:

Buy yourself some art and a placement in the High Valley Low Mag. Choose your lokal or regional artist to create your „advertisement“. It’s going to look fabulous and you never know, may one day this piece is worth a fortune and it’s yours. You support the artist AND the magazin. Because 60% of the amount you spend, go straight to the artist. How cool is that? Very cool. Exclusive usage rights for you in perpetuity.

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