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What u get out of supporting culture?

  • 2 High Valley Low Mags / year
  • pre-sale options
  • exclusive invitations to good family hangs
  • surprise, surprise

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Become a member of the cultural association and support our work in the Upper Engiadina.

We believe, the place where art thrives must become a place of opportunities for young people, for creation, for excitement, for performance again. We believe we can create this place in various forms. Weather it’s by providing a stage for live performances, a room to let steam out, network to get the word out or by producing a print magazine like in the old days, one that brings it all home to you, especially in times like these, when we’re not allowed to enjoy culture in all its forms.

Memberships are only available for individuals.

As a member you support us and all artists we work with. What do you get out of it? Reduced prices on products and events, invitations to good exclusive family parties in the after-Covid19-age.