High Valley Low MAG Vol.2

CHF 18.00

The Sub Culture of the Upper Engadina in full power for you to laugh, to cry, to learn things you never dreamed of.

«Of course, I’m sad
I lost a piece of gold
That I found
In my valley full of stones

Of course, it hurts
It was a treasure
so dearly
… »

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Languages // german, english, rumauntsch (mixed)
Facts & Figures // 60 pages / 340 grams / art format: 160 x 260 cm / printed in Switzerland
Issues // 2/year


Time may stand still
but Culture can’t…

… so, we bring it to your home. 16 locals have contributed art, thoughts, stories and more to the High Valley Low Mag Vol. 2. A piece of art in it self that represents the works, lives and creations of the people engaged in culture in and around the Engadine.

Editorial Office: Chief Editor: Marie-Hélène Froidevaux;  Creative Director: Roche Hufnagl; Editor: Vanessa Widmer; Editor: Valeria Zweifel; Illustration: Virginia Joyce Fleming; Editor: Andrea Kamm

Contributors:  Javier Proccacini (Photo); Gabriele Torriani (Photo); Madlaina Fontana (Photo); Ivo Florin (Artist); Flavia Florin (Rumauntsch); Andrea Kamm (Artist); (English); Myriam Gurini (Artist); Andri Stoisser (Artist); Sandra Näf (Artist); Matthias Häfliger (Photo); PITA (Satire)

Wir danken dem Amt für Kultur Graubünden für die freundliche Unterstützung.