Openair Bivio
23.—24. July 2021

we do it on
and in the mountain

Small, beautiful, lovely and in the middle of an incredible alpine scenery. In fact not only on the mountain, but also in the mountain. While you enjoy live music under the stars, six feet under you find yourself dancing to electronic music all night long.




Spanish, English, Swiss German… gentle, rough, quick witted lyrics… thing that make this young talent unique. Inspired and shaped by strong women like Celia Cruz, Lil Kim, Missy Elliott and Beyonce. Her cuban roots are not to miss in any of her songs. You just want to move your body when you hear and see the 19 year old talent on stage with her 5-piece band. Let’s shake it. 


„That chick serving up fresh beats from a neon food stand.’ Jessiquoi is not exactly what you’d expect to emerge out of Switzerland’s underground. An Australian/Swiss producer, composer and performer, her live set looks and sounds like it belongs in futuristic Shanghai ca. 2048. Combining raw, physical energy and dance-driven beats colliding with audacious rap and resonant vocals, Jessiquoi won Demo of Year and Best Electronic at M4Music Festival, Zürich 2018. After well received performances at Gurten Festival and Zürich Openair, she progressed to international showcases in New York and mainland Europe and released her first album in October 2019, which included the award winning single The Sentry.


This girl kills it on the turntables. Fresh blood.

Jasper’n Friends

Roasting coffee and turning tables is about the same. Not. But both is fun and that’s what Jasper does. The fun stuff. And he’s good at it.


Brunch Time

What is better than starting a Saturday with a nice breakfast out in Nature?
Right – absolutely nothing. And that’s all there is to say about it.
AAAAND!!! We need some music, so we open the stage for anyone who’d like to jam a bit. We’re installed and ready to hear you play, jam, improvise, have a good hang on stage with some strangers and friends. Come up and have fun with us. 


To be Announced by 15th of May

don’t worry, it will be awesome. promised. 

To be Announced by 15th of May

don’t worry, it will be awesome. promised. 

To be Announced by 15th of May

don’t worry, it will be awesome. promised. 

To be Announced by 15th of May

don’t worry, it will be awesome. promised. 

To be Announced by 15th of May

don’t worry, it will be awesome. promised. 

Natasha PolkE

Originally hailing from an indie/folk-pop background the singer-songwriter has always been drawn to dark ambient vibes and ultimately found her footing in techno. Marrying the two influences Natascha Polké manages to interweave what might appear like an unusual match into sublime melancholic productions transcending stylistic boundaries. Driving beats and haunting pads are flattered by her intimate vocals, telling stories of blurring lines between reality and illusion, diving deep into unknown corners of the human mind.

It’s easy to lose yourself in Natascha Polké’s music, get carried away by melancholic waves with an edge of longing, underpinned by pulsing bass lines and beats you can’t help but nod along to



When a label carries the same name as the artist behind it, you can already assume artistically synchronized expressionism. This is the case for Dimitri Schnider, alias Definition and his label of the same name.
Definition himself has been busy composing electronic music since 2009, and standing behind the decks since ’07. However, it all started with a drum set – the rhythm of which flows unbridled in his veins. He relies on harmony, a music that is round in itself and at the same time knows no boundaries. If you enjoy your music, you embark on a journey without limits – precisely which definition, as its name predicts, is defined for the listener. He has released over the years, in addition to and alongside his own brand, on a number of well-known imprint addresses, including Get Physical Music, Diynamic, Hive Audio and Parquet. On his own turf, names like Hive, Nordstern, Zukunft and Friedas Büxe are just a few of the brands that turn the big nightlife wheel of his home turf, and they too have enjoyed his sets. Clubbers in Dubai, Kiev and Berlin have also had the pleasure to dance to his artful mixing skills.

The list of greats playing his productions also reads like a who’s who of club music: In addition to the already mentioned cooperation partners of Definition Music, the Diynamic boss Solomun, for example, has included definition-sound material in his repertoire.


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Bunker Bed



Camping on sight
What’s better than camping in a place like that. Bring your tent, your bus, … everything else is ready on sight for you.

Deep in the Mountain — The Bunker
You’re a party warrior, going home is not your style, but taking a nap from time to time keeps you up and dancing. Book your bed at the bunker right next to the dance floor.

You can shower, you got all you need and when you’re down for some breakfast and daylight just come out – brunch will be ready for you.

Partner Hotels
Book a room and get cosy after enjoying music and friends all day and night. Our partner hotels, b&b’s and co. are happy to welcome you home away from home.


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