In times like these,
where people can’t come to culture,
we bring culture to Their homes.

OUT ON THE 3rd of April

This magazine is only available in print and only on pre-sale. It is all about fun, art in all its imaginable forms, it is ridiculous, hilarious, lovely, beautiful and with a little wink. It is made by the high valley locals.
And you can study „Rumauntsch“. 

Buy now. You’ll have fun, promised.

Imagine a fantastic place in the middle of nowhere.

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Editorial Office

Chief Editor:
Marie-Hélène Froidevaux

Layout & Design: Roche Hufnagl
Editor: Vanessa Widmer
Editor: Valeria Zweifel
Illustration: Virginia Joyce Fleming


Gabriel Mühlemann (Story)
Javier Proccacini (Photo)
Steve Hadorn (Photo)
Gabriele Torriani (Photo)
Men Duri Stecher (Artist)
Ivo Florin (Artist)
Flavia Florin (Rumantsch)
Patric Rota (Story)
Andrea Kamm (Artist)
Hannes Brunner (English)
Madlaina Fontana (Artist)
PITA (Satire)