An eel (in german «Aal») left the harbour of Hamburg to bring beats and grooves to the Engiadina.

AalRide Entertainment hosts parties and concerts for locals and guests, for travellers and homies, for old and young. For everyone who is in love with music, with a good night out, with fantastic performances and extraordinary, nightly, experiences as we are.

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«As an exile Hamburger in the Engiadina I realized for the first time, how life was without my, usually near by, Hip Hop club scene. It was sad, not to say miserable for me. My love for snowboarding (riding) in the mountains and my love for the clubs in Hamburg led me to found AalRide Entertainment. And this is the love, the gift, I want to bring to the Engiadina.»

Söhnke Twardzik


Aal Ride Entertainment

Söhnke Twardzik
c/o verein kunst stueck
Via Maistra 7 / 7500 St. Moritz